The History of Gapfast

Gapfast - Patio Spacers

The idea for the product came from Craig Amor who has decades of experience in the paving & construction industry.

Prior to Gapfast paving spacers were virtual products. Whilst the need for paving spacers has never been in dispute they have never before been readily available and typically had to be made from wood off-cuts or whatever could be adapted for this purpose.

“the spacer fills such an obvious need, yet amazingly, nothing like this has been available on the market until now” says Craig.

He also points out “every DIY leaflet or online guide explaining how to lay a patio or how to build a patio will specify a requirement for spacers…..until now you had to devise your own”

Whilst the Gapfast spacer may seem a very simple plastic widget the development has been considerable as it has been designed to be an integral component of a patio that both enhances the finished look and inherently adds strength to the structure. Gapfast are available in both Crosses & Tees so whatever paving slabs you choose or the laying pattern, a bespoke spacer is now available to assist you in patio paving.

The product is manufactured here in the UK and the company is very proud of this coupled with the very competitive pricing.

As eluded to the Company’s founder has extensive experience in this marketplace and has already built a very successful business marketing paving sealers.

Resiblock based in Basildon, Essex was started in 1992 and today is Europe’s leading specialist in paving sealants. They have provided sealing solutions for millions of square meters of paving both in the UK and overseas. These range from sealers for commercial landscapes like heavy duty paver pavements at aircraft aprons and ports to domestic driveways, paths and patios. Landmark projects include 125,000 square meters at Disneyland, Hong Kong (in conjunction with Marshalls plc ) and 465,000 square meters at Port Salalah, Oman. More recently they have won the contract to seal the considerable paving areas outside the stadium of Manchester United F.C. & Wimbeldon Lawn Tennis Club

Craig’s day-to-day involvement with Resiblock has now been curtailed somewhat so he can concentrate on creating another successful business, Resigap Ltd that markets Gapfast